Our Story.

Located just north of San Diego in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, we are a family with two children and we're crazy about our Golden Retrievers. We have owned and trained our own Golden Retrievers for 20 years.

We are:
Jan : Started training dogs when she was only 10 years old while in 4-H and Girl Scouts. Her family bred poodles and one of the puppies proved to be smart and quick to learn. They competed together in many obedience events, often against adults. Jan's husband,

Gary : Introduced Jan to the sweet, loving personality of the Golden Retriever and she was enamored. Gary is retired from business and now helps with the daily care of the dogs. The dogs live for their daily sessions of fetch with Gary.

Claire and Spencer: Our children (ages 7 and 5) play with dogs, tease them, dress them up like fairy princesses... you name it. When working on "stay" with the dogs, they provide the ultimate temptation.

 After adding a new show dog to our family, we learned the nuances of the AKC confirmation ring.

With the arrival of our two children our ability to devote the time needed for the show ring was limited, but not our love for our dogs.

The story of Katie.

Our friend and fellow Golden Retriever breeder called us and asked us if we would like to take in Katie, an older golden retriever puppy who had been given up by her owner. The problem? She had been purchased by a gentleman who didn't have the time or knowledge to train and housebreak her. With a bit of time and attention, Katie is now a beloved family pet. 

Through this experience with Katie we realized that the difficult 2 months that follow a puppy leaving her littermates is the big hurdle for many who would like to own a Golden Retriever. we developed our program with this in mind. Our program bridges the gap from an unruly puppy to calm family pet. We take great joy in preparing each puppy for their future home with a four-pronged approach: housebreaking, socialization, good manners, and obedience training.

We only have a small number in training at any time, in order to give them the attention necessary to meet our standards. Click here for a details about our program.

Now, with our children a bit older, we have started a small breeding program in addition to our training program. From time to time we may have new puppies available as well.


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