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Welcome to Matigan Goldens.
You're looking for a Golden Retriever. Good choice! This is a breed that is fun, happy, loyal and smart. They’re extremely lovable so you can’t help but be enamored by them! Their sweet temperaments and wonderful dispositions make them ideal family pets.

All puppies are adorable, but even sweet golden retriever puppies can be destructive. Young puppies are highly time consuming, needing constant supervision in order not to destroy your home. If you would like to bypass this difficult stage then one of our trained goldens is for you.

We have developed a training program for our puppies using time-tested positive reinforcement methods. We offer a three-tiered system to provide you with a trained golden retriever to suit your home's unique needs: Trained puppies, trained young adults, and trained mature adult golden retrievers.

The puppies in our training program come from exceptionally quality lines. The puppies' parents come from highly championed lines and have both passed health clearances for hips, elbows, hearts, and eyes. We observe and socialize the litters from birth, then we carefully hand-pick only those puppies who have a balance of intelligence, eagerness and sweet disposition.

Health, sweet temperament, beautiful conformation, and good behavior can be assured when you take home your Matigan trained golden retriever.

Trained Golden Retriever Puppies
Our trained golden retriever puppies are already well-behaved and eager to take their place in your home as  great family companions. Their formal training begins at six weeks of age.  During their 8 week training and socialization process, our puppies live in our home and interact with our family and young children in indoor and outdoor activities. They are housebroken and have excellent manners in the house, car, and outside the home. They have also received basic obedience training and will reliably walk on leash, heel, sit, down, stay, wait, and come. They will also know a few fun tricks and will retrieve a ball and drop it in your hand.

Trained Golden Retriever Adolescents/Young Adults
The young adults in our program have graduated from the first level of training and have received off-leash obedience training. You will be able to confidently take them to dog parks and nature trails and have them by your side and have them come when called despite distractions. Typically the ages of the young adults in our program is 7-9 months old. He will have passed his Canine Good Citizen test as well.

Trained Mature Golden Retriever Adults
At this stage the Golden Retriever has matured past the majority of the puppy stage, is more calm, and less clumsy. He has reached his mature size. At this level of our program you may request specialized training. Perhaps you want your dog to fetch the newspaper at the curb, or play dead, or jump through a hoop. Just ask!

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